Join the CRU Bible Study Group Here at MHS

Join the CRU Bible Study Group Here at MHS


No this is not an after-school job, this is our Magnolia High School Bible Study Club! Before you flip to the next article thinking ¨Oh bible study, must just be for Christians¨ think again. CRU is not only for Christians, but is open to students in any religion, ethnicity, or race. 

“We welcome students with any denomination, whether they are Christians or not,” said MHS CRU Leader Amy Barton, who has been at MHS for about six years. She handles accounting and is Principal Quinn’s clerk.  


CRU is an amazing chance to come and experience God’s word first hand within a small group. Another good reason is that the meetings are conveniently located right here in our library. CRU is an amazing substitute if you can’t make it to church services during your busy week. 


The purpose of CRU is to not only bring yourself closer to God, but also to your fellow classmates! ¨I hope to help students grow closer to Christ,¨ said Barton. CRU also provides a great leadership role to invest yourself in! Students in any grade are allowed to lead in small groups, and it looks great on applications for college or a job. 


Every Friday morning at 6:35 in the library

Every Thursday after school at 2:30 in room 2809