How Our School Came To Be

Most people around this area or anywhere in Texas know about Magnolia High School, but do they know when it was founded and by who?   In 1911 construction started on the first high school, consisting of nine grades in a four-room school building located in town just north west on FM 1488. Now our school consists of 16 separate schools, its first graduating class consisted of 6 students while this year’s consists of a little over 1,000 students from both Magnolia and Magnolia West. when it opened in January of 1912 and it was officially known as the Magnolia Common School District #6. Claiming Bulldogs/Lady Bulldogs as their official mascot. The most memorable principal at Magnolia was Isaac J. Roberts, who was a WWII Veteran, his mantra for the school was always “May our character, dignity, and creativity be a shining symbol for the future”,  While our current principal, Greg Quinn’s mantra is “Love, serve and care”.