Do Good December Project: CFLA

A child’s hospital stay may be unpleasant for them because they miss their family and their daily routine while also dealing with feelings of anxiety and misunderstanding. Children and their families may feel that the world beyond the hospital walls is still functioning while they are overlooked throughout the holiday season. This is just one of the many reasons why assisting patients and their families is especially important at this time of year. 

The Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy at Magnolia High School has decided to put together “care packages” and donate them to both the children and their parents who are patients at Texas Children’s Hospital. A few things are always in high demand at medical facilities. If their children are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital, parents may not have time to pre

pare for their stay. We would like to show our appreciation to the devoted parents who are spending time with their children in the hospital during the holiday season by presenting  them with gift cards to nearby restaurants as well as basic comfort items such as travel-sized toiletries and combs, notepads and pens, and notepads. Toys, coloring books, craft packs, colorful pillowcases, blankets, and fuzzy socks would be greatly appreciated.

We recognize that being confined in a basic hospital room can be tedious, which is why we would want to present these goods to patients as a gesture of support and joy during the Christmas season. A “care kit” helps parents know they are being thought of, and promoting donations such as toys and other items more familiar to children’s homes help them feel more at peace while in the hospital. Donations are open until the 14th of December, and are being accepted by Mr. Schanzer’s in room 2900. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Please note that all donations must be new for infection prevention purposes.